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Compania Art Match, prin divizia Industry, se ocupa cu
comercializarea organelor de asamblare din plastic si pentru
plastic fiind MASTER DISTRIBUTOR pe piata din Romania al
unor companii de traditie si renume international.
De asemenea, compania are capacitati de productie in
Timisoara in care proiecteaza si produce diverse confectii
metalice si piese metalice dispunand de sisteme de taiere
cu laser, indoire a tablei cu masini tip ABKANT, roboti pentru
sudura si vopsire in camp electrostatic.
Vom prezenta in cadrul targului Metal Show mostre de produse
destinate asamblelor utilizate in diverse industrii si domenii-
plastic si metal.
Art Match Company, by the Industry Division, deals with
merchandising of plastic fasteners being MASTER DISTRIBUTOR
on the Romanian market for some tradition and internationally
renowned companies.
The company has also manufacturing capacities in Timisoara
in which designs and manufactures various metal parts being
provided with laser cutting systems, sheet metal bending on
machines like ABKANT, robots for welding and electrostatic
We will present within Metal Show Fair product samples for
assemblies used in various industries and areas - plastic and
Adresa: Str. Ovidiu Cotrus 24/B, Timisoara, Timis
Tel: 0356-080283
Fax: 0256-305697
Stand 35C
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