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EMSIL TECHTRANS este una dintre cele 4 companii care fac
parte din EMSIL GROUP, grup care are in total 350 angajati si
doua activitati principale:
- proiectarea, executia si comercializarea de masini-unelte
de dimensiuni medii si mari, echipate cu comenzi numerice,
sisteme CNC, diverse accesorii si echipamente pentru masini-
unelte, mese rotative.
- executie de echipamente industriale dupa documentatia
clientului, compuse din ansamble mecano-sudate prelucrate
mecanic cu montaj final, de dimensiuni medii si mari, din
urmatoarele domenii de activitate:
aeronautica si de aparare, metalurgie si siderurgie, constructii
de masini, electrotehnica, reciclare materiale feroase, minerit,
energie, naval, vacuum, oil si gas.
EMSIL TECHTRANS is one of the 4 companies which are part
of EMSIL GROUP, group with 350 employees and two main
- design, execution and selling of new medium and big
dimensions machine- tools , equipped with numerical control,
CNC systems, accessories and equipment , displaceable
rotating tables.
- execution of medium and heavy industrial equipment after
client’s documentation consisting in welded and machined
pieces with final assembling , for the following fields of activity:
aerospace and defense, metallurgy and steel industry, machine
building, electrotechnics, recycling, mining, energy, naval,
vacuum, oil & gas.
Adresa: Str. Fabricilor Nr.8/B
Tel: 0040 259 42 22 21
Fax: 0040 259 41 37 56
Stand 44
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