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Walter, Walter Titex, Walter Prototyp si Walter Multiply - patru
marci de competenta sub aceeasi umbrela.
Walter este unul dintre furnizorii de top de sisteme de scule din
carbura sau PCD cu eficienta maxima pentru strunjire, gaurire
si frezare. Walter Titex este o marca cunoscuta in intreaga lume
pentru sculele de gaurire de inalta performanta din HSS-E si
carbura monobloc. Walter Prototyp este o marca de top ce
produce scule inovative pentru filetare si frezare fabricate
din HSS (E) si carbura monobloc cu straturi de acoperire de
tehnologie inalta. Walter Multiply aduce o completare esentiala
programului de sculele aschietoare, prin asigurarea de procese
optime care permit clientilor nostri sa isi diminueze costurile fixe
ani la rand si sa le transforme in costuri variabile.Walter ofera
solutii pentru reducerea costurilor de productie, imbunatatirea
sigurantei proceselor si cresterea productivitatii.
Walter, Walter Titex, Walter Prototyp and now Walter Multiply -
four key brand names under one roof.
Walter is one of the leading suppliers of extremely efficient
carbide and PCD insert tooling systems for turning, drilling
and milling. Walter Titex is a brand name known worldwide
for high-performance drilling and reaming tools made from
HSS-E and solid carbide. Walter Prototyp is a leading brand
for innovative thread cutting and milling tools made of HSS (E)
and solid carbide with high-tech coatings. The brand Walter
Multiply rounds off Walter AG’s selection of indexable inserts,
expanding the product spectrum with an additional range of
special tools, such as complex draw bar tools. Walter Multiply
brings an essential completion to the tools program, by providing
process optimizations which allows our customers to reduce
their fixed costs for years and transform them in variable costs.
Walter offers complete solutions for production, costs reduction,
increase of process reliability and productivity increase.
Walter, Walter Titex, Walter Prototyp si Walter Multiply
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Adresa: Timisoara, Str. Stefan cel Mare Nr.56
Tel: 0256 406218
Fax:0256 406219
Stand 12
Walter Tools
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